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Living in a small house often means that you need all your creativity to turn it into a great, multi-functional home. Sometimes it means that you’re using your bedroom as an office space or that your kids are using the dining area as a study space. It might take a lot of time and energy to transform all of your rooms into fully functional spaces. So let’s start with just one. Today we are going to talk about some simple steps on how to easily transform your children’s room into your dream office space.

Ansley_Front2_0It can be pretty frustrating if the size of your house doesn’t give you the opportunity to organize all of the space the way it all should be. Every member of the family should be able to get his own sleep and study or work space, kitchen should be big enough, you need your patio… We don’t even need to mention the closets and storage spaces. But what happens when you’re living in a small home? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like you’re ready to give up on something just to get something else that you’re not even sure that would work for you.

Let’s stop there and think about what would it be like to have your own office space, right here, in your own home? 5502f6f1da415$!600xWe know you certainly sometimes dream about it, but you’re convinced that you just don’t have any spare rooms. Be sure that a little bit of imagination and creativity can improve your home interior in such way that you can make it happen. Where to start? How about redecorating and redesigning your children’s room?

Why transform the children’s room? First of all, think about your health. It is proven by many psychological studies that keeping your work stuff by your bed, diminishes your capability to rest well. In your children’s room, however, there’s already a study space they’re using for their homework, etc. As they already have study desks and bookshelves, why not transform them so you could work there, too?

To make your office space, start by thinking about healthy and inviting color themes. What you need is a neutral, airy feel to it. White is always a good choice for walls, as it can be easily combined with different colors you can choose for all the other details in the room. One rule, though, keep it simple.

You can leave kids desks and add some more smart shelves for your documents and other office stuff you need. The best idea is to get some custom made shelves that will assure the best use of space. If it’s possible, have shelves built into walls.

To make more space it the room, replace children’s beds with double beds with storage space below. It’s all about using all of the space available. And last, make sure you have a lot of natural light. Enjoy in your new work space.

Eco house – Building with natural materials

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What are the basic characteristics of organic or natural construction?

Much is meant by the term natural construction, depending upon the one who used that term. The most important feature of this method of construction, as I see it, is that it consumes less energy – oil, natural energy and animals. It is often thought that the only materials that are available in nature (wood, stone, straw, clay …), but you can also use artificial materials such as vapor-permeable foil, if used sensibly. There are plenty of natural materials which are factory-processed (sawn timber, clay, plaster, stone work, etc.), but they have already spent part of the energy in the process of obtaining the final product.

Is this building together?

Firstly, the concept of the high cost varies from person to person, liable on the economic situation. Mostly people think that this type of construction very cheap because it is a material that can be found in nature. However, forgetting the fact that these materials before they are installed in the house (where again you have to hire a master) someone has to dig, demolish, process, prepare for installation… The construction is always expensive, if a man does not build one. So that’s my answer – that such construction costs.

Where can I find material for this way of building a house?strawall

This again depends on the taste of man, because we are not all equal. In principle, such material can be found all around us in nature, however, someone does not want to rough, gnarled tree and wants only straight lines. Same thing with the stone that some people do not like it rough. The walls of straw will be someone of high aesthetics as they are not straight. If you obtain your own material, you can buy in building centers, including clay plastering.

How long it takes expert knowledge to build?

Still need some professional knowledge, especially with regard to statics, the installation of the roof and chimney (stove). Others can be learned in the courses of construction, through specialized manuals, consultation, assisting on construction sites, etc.

Is it possible blend of traditional and modern building materials?

images (3)It is possible to connect tradition with modern materials which can be seen in a lot of companies in the world which are more or less successfully merged the two. There are a lot of materials that can be found in traditional construction. A nice example is water vapor permeable foil in the manufacture of the roof, which is safer than tar paper or when it is built without it. Further, plasterboard partition walls to accelerate construction at the same time making construction easier. Then there are OSB boards for floors and walls. Be sure to mention the various types of insulation (stone wool insulation factory processed sheep’s wool insulation made from cellulose).

Straw is the most commonly used

Straw is a material used for thousands of years in the construction industry, and today seems to be gaining more and more popularity. Bales of straw are used not only as insulation, but they are real almost complete walls.


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Many of us dream about changing the entire interior of our homes for at least once a year. If you’re one of many who quickly get bored by the same old furniture, decorations and colors, there’s a simple solution. You don’t have to move to another house or apartment to feel the excitement and enjoy the new interior design. You just need to use some creativity and follow simple, small steps and make a big change. Let’s talk about innovative interior updates that will make your home shine again.

Here are some easy how to steps to follow if you’re looking for simple things you can change in the interior. We invite you to keep an open mind and be creative.


Did you ever explore your creativity and various skills that you could use for redesigning your home?interior design Internet is full of DIY tutorials that explain step-by-step every single thing you can imagine changing or even making yourself. Why wouldn’t you try to make your very first bookshelf or redesigning bedroom curtains by adding some lace? It’s all about using your imagination. It’s very fun and it only takes a little bit of practice. The best of all is that these projects do not require lots of money. It’s a fast, fun and money friendly way of improving your interior. Our love goes to DIY projects that teach you how to redecorate small things, but make a big change: small, decorative pillows, curtains, candle holders… Search for tutorials online and see the before and after effects. It will help you decide on where to start.


What’s the most impressive thing about a five star hotel room? It feels fresh, clean and modern. How do they do it, besides using a top interior designer from Pasadena CA? The number one is keeping it clean. women-master-bedroomIt means that you have to remove all the things hanging off your chairs, all the unnecessary decoration of the shelves and organize everything. Keeping it clean also means that bedclothes must give the impression of freshness. It can easily be made by using clean, white sheets. When doing laundry, make sure you add some extra scented softeners. By the bed it should always be a little, romantic lamp that will add some warmness. Another interior tip for making your bedroom a five star hotel room is adding some artwork. Nice painting will add an unforgettable touch of luxury.


If there was one single thing that is always modern and has the greatest capability to make a house or an apartment a true home, it would certainly be natural materials. Replace all the metal details and all the decoration made of plastic with wooden parts, if possible. Use also perfectly natural fabrics as linen to cover chairs and beds. Hang wooden carved frames on the wall. It will bring freshness and warmness.




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